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Prescriptions may disappear for a few reasons:

1)    The script may be hidden.

To unhide the script, go to your prescription list, tap the icon with 3 bars and an arrow on the top right hand side of your screen, and choose Unhide prescriptions from the pop up list.

2)    Your script may be expired or have 0 refills left.

The system hides expired or 0 refills left prescriptions after a year. If you call the pharmacy, they should still have it on file and can give you the information.

You can change your hide/unhide settings by going to Account and toggling the Hide expired prescriptions and Hide zero refill prescriptions on or off.

3)    Your script may be in a pending status.

For instance, it may have been sent to the doctor for approval or be under review by the pharmacy. In these situations, if you wait for a period of time, the script should show up again in your list. If you have concerns, please call the pharmacy to check on the script.